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Vacancy notice to constitute a reserve list


Alicante, Spain

Application deadline
23/03/2015 24:00 Alicante time (CET)
VEXT/15/991/AD 8/ACADEMY_Learning Networks

Type of contract
Temporary agent
Function group/grade
AD 8


Call for expression of interest for contract staff

The OHIM has launched a Call for expression of interest for contract staff in order to set up a database of candidates from which to recruit contract agents to cover the needs of the Office. The selection procedure is organised with technical support from the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO).

The Call for expression of interest has been published today on EPSO's web site.

If you are thinking about working with us, you can apply for any vacancy published on our website that matches your professional profile. However, due to the amount of correspondence received, we cannot respond to unsolicited applications and/or CVs.

General rules and conditions on OHIM's selection and recruitment procedures.

Reserve lists

Competition for posts at OHIM is intense. At the end of our selection process, we place the most suitable candidates on a reserve list for a limited period of time. OHIM recruits candidates from that list when appropriate new positions become available.

Being on a reserve list doesn't guarantee a job offer or imply any entitlement to employment in OHIM, but your name will always appear when we are looking to fill new vacancies in your field. No action is required on your part unless we contact you.

Our current reserve lists  - resulting from closed selection procedures - are available here and are valid until 31 December 2015

Administrator (AD) Show Hide
  • 593/10/EN/AD 6
  • 609/11/DE/AD 6
  • VEXT/09/595/AD 7/QMD Process/Functional Architect
  • VEXT/10/600/AD 7/ITD Administrator: IT Professional In the field of SAP Solutions and Services
  • VEXT/11/610/AD 10/IAERD Cooperation Fund Programme Manager
  • VEXT/11/621/AD 9/INFRASTRUCTURE Programme Manager
  • VEXT/11/625/AD 8/RD Administrator
  • VEXT/11/626/AD 9 Administrator
  • VEXT/11/700/AD 6/CS Web Editort
  • VEXT/12/784/AD 6/CS Communication Administrator
  • VEXT/12/792/AD 6/ID Enterprise Architect
  • VEXT/12/796/AD 6/ICLAD Enforcement Investigations
  • VEXT/12/797/AD 6/ICLAD Copyright Specialist
  • VEXT/12/798/AD 9/ICLAD Public Awareness
  • VEXT/12/803/ AD 8/RD Administrator-Budget
  • VEXT/12/806/AD 6/IP Intellectual Property Administrator
  • VEXT/12/810/AD 8/RD Procurement Administrator
  • VEXT/12/811/AD 8/OD Administrator – Operations Department
  • VEXT/12/827/AD 6/OBS Economist
  • VEXT/12/835/AD 6/ID Occupational Safety Officer
  • VEXT/13/863/AD 6/QMS Risk Manager
  • VEXT/13/868/AD 6/ID Logistics Coordinator
  • VEXT/13/872/AD 7/ID Programme ManagerVEXT/13/876/AD 6/ID Application Portfolio Manager in the field of SAP Solutions and Services
  • VEXT/13/887/AD 7/ID Senior Solution Manager
  • VEXT/13/911/AD 9/CAB Spokesperson for the President (English language)
  • VEXT/14/941/AD 6/ID Business Architect
  • VEXT/14/940/AD 8/ICLAD/Programme/project manager
Assistants (AST) Show Hide
  • 575/09/SL/AST 2
  • 576/09/FI/AST 2
  • 596/10/MT/AST 2
  • 597/10/LT/AST 2
  • 598/10/EE/AST 2
  • 599/10/SK/AST
  • 605/10/LV/AST 2
  • 606/10/RO/AST 2
  • 731/11/GR/AST 2/IP
  • 732/11/NL/AST 2/IP
  • 733/11/SL/AST 2/IP
  • 734/11/CZ/AST 2/IP
  • 735/11/BG/AST 2/IP
  • VEXT/09/584/AST 3 Administrative Assistant
  • VEXT/09/594/AST 3/GSD Procurement and/or Inventory Assistant
  • VEXT/11/612/AST 5/ITD Application Portfolio Manager
  • VEXT/11/624/AST 3/English Linguist Assistant English Linguist
  • VEXT/11/630/AST 4/ICLAD Convergence Assistant
  • VEXT/11/631/AST 3/RD Administrative Assistant
  • VEXT/11/708/AST 5/ID IT Application Administration Officer
  • VEXT/12/737/AST 3 Administrative Assistant
  • VEXT/12/767/AST 3/CS Multimedia Assistant
  • VEXT/12/793/AST 3/ID IT Assistant 4 profiles
  • VEXT/12/794/AST 3/ID IT Assistant 2 profiles (OIS)
  • VEXT/12/815/AST 5/CABINET Executive Assistant
  • VEXT/13/852/DA/AST 3/IP
  • VEXT/13/855/HU/AST 3/IP
  • VEXT/13/870/SE/AST 3/IP
  • VEXT/13/871/PL/AST 3/IP
  • VEXT/13/881/HR/AST 3
  • VEXT/13/892/AST 3/ID IT Assistant – Release, Deployment and Support Assistant
  • VEXT/13/910/AST 3 Assistant for administrative support to the organization of complex and/or large international events
  • VEXT/13/915/AST 5/ID_Datacentre Facilities Engineer Datacentre Facilities Coordinator
  • VEXT/13/918/AST 5/CS Multimedia Services Coordinator

Data Protection

All personal data collected by the Office are processed in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EC) N°45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data

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