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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union



Design generates value

In the European Union today there are around 410 000 design professionals generating €36 billion turnover. Great design is a prerequisite for success if European companies want to become truly competitive worldwide.

Design: a driver of innovation and a factor in competition

Design plays a key role in the competiveness of businesses and acts as a driver of innovation. Today 62% of EU companies use design in their business.

Picture of a Smartphone as an example of design

Superb technical innovation and great design are symbiotic. You need both to create a classic.

Picture of a Hand watch as an example of design

Designs incorporate complex ideas, every symbol of every written language appears here.

Picture of sunglasses as an example of design

The value of design is an auditable company asset. You can sell, license and build up your design portfolio.

Picture of a Chair as an example of design

The design challenge: find a new Bauhaus.

European policy

European policies recognise the importance of design and support businesses in creating design innovation strategies. The European Union's Innovation Initiative and the Innovation Union 2020 focus on the value of design. There are several projects that support entrepreneurs and designers.

Protect your design: register it

Great design needs protection and a means of developing its value. A design creates a marketable asset and protects you against copying and counterfeiting. The fact that you are reading this message on this website means that you're already ahead of the competition — many companies in Europe undervalue design, and those that understand its importance are more likely to succeed.

Enterprise Europe Network can help you work out how to protect and make the most of your business's design and innovation.

Benefits of registration

  • Protect the appearance of your products against copying and infringement
  • Build an asset
  • Create a portfolio of designs and other IP rights
  • Define your rights
  • Prevent counterfeiting and fraud
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