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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union



We have always valued elegance, style and craftsmanship. With industrialisation, improved communications and the creation of global markets, today´s concept of design as integral to the appeal of products was born.

Picture of a wall tile from the seventeenth century as an example of the early designs

Seventeenth century Delft wall tile – demand for this style was one of the first global trends.

Seventeenth century Delft wall tile

Picture of a textile pattern from Jacquard fabric as an example of the early designs

Jacquard fabric was first made in 1801 — its name comes from the revolutionary programmable loom used to produce it.

Jacquard fabric

Picture of a poster used as an advertisement for Hirmondo telephone company as an example of the early designs

Design for the Telefon Hirmondo company, which began broadcasting news, plays and features via Budapest's telephone network in 1893, before radio was invented.

Telefon Hirmondo company

Future proof

Today the EU's Innovation Union 2020 strategy places design at the centre of the drive to innovate

  • Design is integral to the process of innovation
  • Design is a strategic tool for user-centred innovation
  • Design transforms research and development
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