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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union


Goods and services

Your application for a Community trade mark must contain a representation of the trade mark you want to register and a list of the goods and/or services to be covered by the mark.

There are certain rules for how to present the list of goods and services

  • The goods and services should be specified as accurately and precisely as possible
  • They should be classified under one of the classes of the Nice Classification

OHIM has adopted the Nice Classification for classifying goods and services. The Nice Classification divides the goods and services into 45 categories (or classes).

Your €900 application fee enables you to choose up to three classes. For an additional fee of €150 per class, you can add as many additional classes of goods and services as you like.

Find and classify your goods and services in TMclass

TMclass is a tool that helps you find and classify your goods and services. Enter a term that best describes your product or service and look for semantically related terms as these might correspond to something you already provide or plan to provide. Repeat the search process until you have identified all the goods and services you want to apply for. Don't forget to check how many classes they fall under. TMclass is available also when you are making your application. We accept any term validated by TMclass.

The correct way to classify your Goods & Services


Writing a specification of goods and services is a balancing act.

Think big

You, as a company, may actually be providing more goods and services than you think. Although you may feel certain of what market you are in today, think about how you want to develop your mark in the future. For example, if you manufacture candies today, you might want to offer more goods (such as ice cream) in two or five years.

Be realistic

It might seem tempting to claim a wide range of goods and/or services, but remember, if you don't use your mark on all the goods or services you apply for, your CTM will be vulnerable to attack.

If you narrow down your specification, you'll reduce the risk of conflict with other marks.

Balance over a stone, illustrating the balancing act of choosing the goods and services for your trade mark

Please don't forget: Once you have filed your application you won't be able to add to your specification, so think carefully about which goods and/or services to choose.

Page last updated 20-03-2014