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The International (NICE) Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks serves to determine the scope of protection of trade marks. Although the European Community is not party to the NICE agreement the OHIM has adopted the use of the NICE classification and makes its use mandatory for applicants of a Community Trade Mark. Currently the 9th edition is in force. The NICE classification is divided into classes of Goods (classes 1 to 34) and Services (classes 35 to 45). Each class number is represented by a heading giving general information about the type of product or service that belongs to it. You can find links to these headings at the top of this page. To find out to which class a product or service belongs, please use our EUROACE classification search.


EUROACE is a database with descriptions of goods and services that are immediately accepted by the office. By using these expressions the applicant can be assured that the office will raise no objections, therefore greatly reducing the application processing time as there would be no need for the applicant to respond to official correspondence. All expressions are in accordance with the 9th edition of the International classification of goods and services established by the Nice Agreement.

The EUROACE search engine allows the user to perform searches, for information purposes only, on descriptions of goods and services and the corresponding class numbers.

A significant part of the EUROACE database content comes from expressions used and accepted by the Office. They were thoroughly checked for correct classification but may not have all been translated into the other official languages of the European Union. This means that not all the entries are available in all the languages and, therefore, different results can be obtained from the same query made in different languages. Nevertheless, the Office is focussing on the translation and validation of entries in as many languages as possible and these entries will be updated gradually. EUROACE is meant to be an operative Classification help tool for all languages, however currently it can only be considered as such in English.


EURONICE is a translation database for the description of goods and services. The EURONICE online search tool contains translations of the most frequently used expressions by Community trade mark applicants to describe the goods and services covered by their marks. This database currently contains about 17,000 expressions represented in the 22 official languages of the EU.

Although we take the utmost care to keep the contents of this database updated, this database should only be used for information purposes relating to translation .

For classification of goods and services, the only official tool is EUROACE.

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